Tips For Using Television As An Educational Tool

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Many parents today worry about their children spending too much time watching TV. After all, the experts have advised us not to let our children spend more than 2 hours a day watching TV. This can be difficult considering that the average American spends about 34 hours per week on the tube. However, the main issue here shouldn’t be the ... Read More »

TV For School: The Importance For Modern Day Education


The thought of television being used as an educational tool can be far-fetched for some, but it is certainly not a new development. For years teachers have been using various kinds of technology, including television, to assist and stimulate learning among their students. And it’s a smart move too! Television is pretty popular among both adults and children alike. On ... Read More »

$125 Calculated Cost of Cutting Class In College

Feb 1: A Very Modern Lecture

Many freshman love the freedom of entering college. In many ways, freedom for a young adult is very good. Yes, all students make mistakes and hopefully learn from them, but a little information can go along way. So, for anyone happy that their parents can give them a hard time for not going to class, you might want to read ... Read More »

Secret Method In Schools Increases Morale

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Every school wants to boost morale. Some schools hinder morale while others, unknowingly, are able to help it. Why is it that some schools have great sense of spirit and pride? Here at, we’ll take a quick look at this and perhaps discover some helpful points to make your school and better place. We all remember the old show, ... Read More »

5 Ways to Snap Out of Your Senior College Slump


When you get to be a senior in college and you finally see the light at the end of the educational tunnel, with a cap, gown, and diploma waiting for you, the reality of graduation can quickly set in, leaving you an emotional wreck. It seems like you should be happy to be shed of the burden of learning that ... Read More »

5 Resume Building Tips for College Students

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As a college student, of course your main focus is getting the kind of education that you need in order to land the kind of job that you want following graduation. However, it’s certainly not uncommon to have a full or part-time job while you’re still in school. Not only does it help you with your living expenses but it ... Read More »

How to Persuade Your Employer to Pay for Your Graduate Studies

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Here’s a question. If you could go to graduate school, would you? More specifically, if you could go to graduate school knowing that you wouldn’t have to pay for it, would that be something that you would be interested in? If so, aside from being granted a scholarship or grant (and there are plenty of both that are available), there’s ... Read More »

5 Common College Grad Resume Mistakes to Avoid

AmeriCorps Resume Building

As a recent college graduate with a fresh diploma, you are likely searching for your first official job in the professional world. While you have been prepped by your courses and experiences, it is quite a change to transition from the world of college into the real world. It is important that you present yourself in the best way possible ... Read More »

An Ivy League College Education: Is It Really Worth It?

Breezy Excursion : Ivy League

Although a college education is still important to have, one thing that continues to be a debate is if an Ivy League Education still comes with as much prestige and admiration as it once did. After all, you can easily spend six-figures on an undergraduate degree alone. Plus, there are a lot of people who are quite success without a ... Read More »

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